Vegas Pool Sharks - game for meego

download Vegas Pool Sharks - game for meego

Vegas Pool Sharks, a 3D pool game for the Nokia N9. 3D games are not hard to find for the PC, but these days, there are games which mimic the 3D experience on phones as well. This game being one such, is definitely a must try.

Vegas Pool Shark for meego

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This is not a plain game. It has a story to tell, which is: the local pool players you play with show their predatory side to you. Soon enough, you start playing with your car title, mortgages, kids’ school funds and much more. With each level you pass, the strength of the opponent also increases. There are totally 4 players.

The different game modes available are Realistic Physics, Full 3D (with tilt and zoom) and Aim Assist. It also has a save and resume option. A score sheet displays the current scores of each player.
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download games for nokia n900 meego

download games for nokia n900 meego
Nokia new N9 to be launched will have three games: Galaxy on Fire 2, Angry Birds Magic, and Real Golf 2011. Angry Birds was a single player game, but NFC support has made some changes.

download games for nokia n900 meego
Nokia N9 uses touch interface to play games, not even single button to click on its body. The availability of games may vary with the country except the default ones. But sure, one can always download more games using internet.

download games for nokia n900 meego
For downloading games for Nokia N9. Ovi store has a lot of games that Nokia N9 supports including arcade, thrill, racing, adventure games. One can create own games using Qt SDK software if one is a gaming programmer.

download games for nokia n900 meego

MeeGo v1.2 Core Software Platform

MeeGo v1.2 Core Software Platform
Release Details
Version: 1.2
Released: 19 May 2011
MeeGo Source Packages
Release Updates
v1.2.0.1 MeeGo-Core-OS Update
Released: 14 Jul 2011
The MeeGo 1.2 Core release provides developers with the MeeGo kernel, device drivers, middleware subsystems, and common API components, necessary to develop future MeeGo compliant solutions. The Core images do not contain reference user experience frameworks or applications. Those are part of MeeGo UX images, which provide adaptations of MeeGo for the characteristic needs of various device category interaction models and use case needs.

MeeGo v1.2 Core Software Platform Features include:
Complete MeeGo Compliance packages for ensured compatibility.
GCC 4.5.1 toolchain with great support for the Intel Atom* micro-architecture and the Intel SSSE3 instruction set, as well as with great ARM support. It has Linaro 2010.09 patches adding hard floating-point for all known ARMV7-A chipsets including Tegra2 and Marvell chips with sub-architectures of Thumb2/Neon.
Linux kernel 2.6.37, with support for Intel Atom processor Z6xx series family and Nokia N900 with working power-management and numerous bug fixes. Server 1.9.0 and Mesa 7.9.1, for improved 2D and 3D graphics performance.
Qt 4.7.2 and Qt-mobility 1.2, providing a rich set of APIs for creating compelling applications that include location, sensors, contacts, and messaging. The new version of Qt enables GLLE-only builds and adds multi-point touch support through XInput2 API and many performance optimizations. On the ARM side, it conducts ARMv7 optimizations and runtime detection for enabling NEON optimization. For Qt-mobility 1.2, it adds a new connectivity subpackage and enhanced camera support, it also adds libva and GLESv2 shader support.
New Connman connection manager with a lot of bug fixes and new features like tethering, openvpn, setting proxy auto-configuration, IPV6 DNS connections and regulatory domain settings, and more.
New Ofono telephony stack with extensive bug-fixes and features like support for many new modems, improved SSN and voicecall handling, multiple AT channels, call forwarding and SIM refresh, emergency calls without SIM/PIN, and more.
Pulseaudio 0.9.22 with all required support for resource policy management, audio management, and phone calls. Supports bluetooth A2DP for mp3 direct streaming.
Gstreamer 0.10.32.
New resource policy management framework with working audio route in both IA and N900 platforms.
PackageKit 0.6.13: supports more proxies, including http_proxy, https_proxy, socks_proxy and no_proxy; supports cancel operations while downloading/installing packages. Supports downloading raw RPM packages directly.
Getting Started
Download images for MeeGo v1.2 Supported Platforms:

Intel Atom based netbooks
Intel Atom based In-Vehicle Entertainment Platforms
More to come in future 1.2+ updates and releases
Download MeeGo Core Images

Known Issues
MeeGo Core known issues are documented within the affected device vertical release notes.

Where To Find More Information
MeeGo Developer Resources, including MeeGo API Information and documentation.

Feedback and Support
MeeGo Forums
Mailing Lists
Bug Tracking

MeeGo 1.2 Release

MeeGo 1.2 Release
Submitted by Imad Sousou on 19 May, 2011 - 07:48
Today we are announcing the project release of MeeGo 1.2. This release provides a solid baseline for device vendors and developers to start creating software for various device categories on Intel Atom* and ARMv7 architectures.

The MeeGo 1.2 Core OS provides a complete set of enabling technologies for mobile computing.
Some highlights of the MeeGo Core stack include:

MeeGo Reference Kernels supporting a variety of Intel Atom and ARMv7 platforms.
QML Application Framework and extended Qt-Mobility APIs, including additional location, system, connectivity, and sensor/haptic capabilities for rapid, rich, application development.
Enhanced Telephony and Connectivity capabilities, including:
GSM, GPRS, and HSPA+ network support
SIM Application Toolkit
Expanded Bluetooth profiles
Expanded VPN and wireless authentication methods
USB, WiFi, and BT-PAN data tethering capability
Enhance multimedia support, including RTSP streaming with progressive download
This release also includes the following:
Netbook UX 1.2 complete set of core applications for netbooks.
In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) UX 1.2 includes a sample IVI Homescreen and speech recognition enabled Application Launcher built with QML, as well as a collection of commonly used applications.
Tablet Developer Preview
MeeGo SDK 1.2 for MeeGo Core OS and supported UXs.
Please refer to the Core and UX release notes, as well as the Developer Resources documentation pages, for a more complete list of features and supported platforms.

Looking Ahead to MeeGo 1.3
MeeGo development continues forward on a six-month cadence, with MeeGo 1.3 scheduled to be released in October, 2011.

Many new features targeting MeeGo 1.3 have already been accepted in MeeGo Featurezilla. The development tree for MeeGo 1.3 is open and we are starting to integrate new components now.

Learn More at the MeeGo Conference
You can learn more about the MeeGo project, and the people behind it, at the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco, May 23-25, 2011. Program information and registration is available at

Many thanks to all the MeeGo contributors and to the great upstream projects that provide the basis for our work.

Imad Sousou
MeeGo Technical Steering Group
meego games

how to instal game on meego phone n900

There are two main methods for installing applications and games on the N900: through the free software catalogue built into the App Manager, and through Nokia's own Ovi Store application shop. Both of these methods are demonstrated in the video below, which is intended for beginners.

If you cannot see all the categories in the App Manager's Download section, you may need to activate the Extras catalogue. You can find out how to unlock / Maemo Extras by clicking here. Catalogue vs Ovi Store

Some people may wonder why there are two different sources of software built into the N900. The answer to this is in the origins of the Maemo Linux platform. Because Maemo so similar to other versions of Linux, and because there are so many open source enthusiasts using it, there are a lot of open source apps and games available for the platform. These are what you'll find in the App Manager's Extras catalogue, and that's why they're all free of charge as well as open source.

Ovi Store by contrast is Nokia's own commercial application shop, and it's intended mainly for commercial closed source software. That's why the selection of apps and games in Ovi Store is totally different to what you find in

Unofficial Software Catalogues

Maemo is an open platform, anyone can release software for it without having to get anyone's permission. If you only download software from sources like Ovi Store or Extras, it should be safe and reasonably reliable.

However, you can also download software from other less official sources which can be added to the Application Manager's catalogue system. These less official sources can contain a lot of interesting and experimental apps, but they are also generally much less tested so they may be risky to use. Just like on a PC, it's your own responsibility if an app from an unofficial catalogue does something nasty on your N900, so be careful.